Spring has Finally Sprung – Get Cheeky and Ready to Bloom !!


Is your current foundation shade still a perfect match for you?. As the seasons change, your natural skin colour can change too and it’s unlikely that one shade will see you through the whole year. If you need any help in selecting your most suitable shade, check out our ‘Perfect Shade Matcher’,  which can be found in the ‘Description’ section below our fabulous colour range of 100% pure, natural, Mineral Foundation.  Remember, several colours can be blended together if preferred and if you haven’t yet tried our Finishing Powder, then now is the ideal time to discover the secret of that wonderful, flawless, polished finish that everyone admires.

Our award winning Mineral Blusher will also add a wonderful bloom and delicate blush to your cheeks and with seven fabulous shades to chose from, you’ll be sure to find one that is just perfect for you.