We often get positive feedback from our customers about our mineral cosmetics, this is just a few of the comments that we have received:

I am writing this e-mail just to say thank-you sooo much, i nearly cried when i saw the results because for the first time i looked in the mirror and felt beautiful, i have tried so many products that would not affect my really sensitive skin and have spend thousands of pounds on different products, but all were too heavy and looked patchy because my skin is so white even the lightest shade looked orange on my skin. i got your product the day after i ordered it and when i put it on it felt like i was wearing no make-up but looked perfect and flawless. everyone commented on how good i looked and even better how confident it made me feel. Thank you so much, i will never need to look for a different product ever again.


Hi Bare Faced Beauty, I just had to e-mail you about your gorgeous products. I received my order earlier this week and I must say I am more than impressed. Apologies for the very long e-mail but I just must tell you how amazed I am by your products. I’ve been using mineral makeup for a while as my skin was so awful and I had a lot of problems with it. I’ve tried many brands including a very famous one. I liked the results I was getting from the mineral makeup and the fact it was really good for my skin, but something was just missing for me and the products weren’t lasting as long as I’d hoped. I searched on the internet and stumbled across your brand. After reading the vast information on your site and the many testimonials I decided to give your products a go and placed my order. I was very excited when they arrived, and I must say I’m so impressed by the generous size of the products and how the pot is actually filled right to the top of the sifter with product, not like other brands I’ve tried, (they were almost half full. Not good.) This is so important and you gained bonus points for that! The mineral foundation is just beautiful. I needed HALF the amount I was using with other brands and the powder is so much softer, lighter and silkier. It feels as if I’m not wearing any makeup, and my confidence has risen so much as my skin looks perfect. There is just the right amount of luminosity as well, I’ve found other brands make your face look like you’ve been dusted with glitter and I just looked so shiny. The setting powder finished off my look perfectly and I now have FLAWLESS skin, and I’m not kidding, I look airbrushed. Many thanks for the speedy delivery as well. My mum is now going to place an order as she’s so impressed by how good my skin looks. I shall defiantly be sticking with your brand, thanks so much!


Just a line to let you know that I tried out your mineral foundation powder this weekend and how wonderful it is!  I have tried quite a few different mineral foundations and they are NOT all alike.  Your colour shades are perfect for good coverage and concealing flaws.
I myself have a light/medium pinkish complexion and chose the elegance shade, because of course golden or slightly yellow tones counteract redness, conceal spots, blemishes, spider veins beautifully in preference to a green toned concealer. Now I feel I ONLY need your foundation, no concealer, no blush it has perfected my complexion and I genuinely feel yours far outweighs the others on the market, for quality, price and for the amount you supply in the generous pots. Not only that, what beautiful presentation, the gorgeous box you supply, what a really fantastic gift to give to anyone….I will continue to order from you in the future and recommend your products to my clients also…I was VERY impressed by your website, your products, packaging and the speed at which my order arrived and yours really is good value for money, far better to sell more of a good product than overprice it, so as only a select few can afford it as a lot of other manufacturers do and narrow the market down. I’m sure all these things considered you will have customers coming back time after time.


I would just like to say that i have been using another very famous brand of mineral powder ever since it first was introduced and after trying some samples of your range i have now purchased the full sizes.  i must say i am very impressed with the mineral powder and i will not be using the other one again,  yours is so much more natural and it gives an amazing finish, so much so that people have actually commented.  I will be using your powder now and not the one i have been using for years.
many thanks


I would just like to say how much your products have made a huge difference to my skin.  Usually I have to put make up on at least an hour before I go anywhere because of the reaction I usually have.  But this is so easy to apply and looks so much more natural than “normal” makeup so a big thankyou to your company for reasonable priced products, that are natural on the skin and really easy to use on a day-to-day product.
I shall look forward to using your products again and again.


Got my samples today… Where have you been all my life?? The only problem I have is deciding which shade suits me best. The foundation is gorgeous and the setting powder just finishes off the whole effect. My skin has never looked so good. A lovely uniform unblemished palate on which to apply the lip and eye colours that I want. It is also weightless and feels clean, unlike liquid foundations. I walked to the bin and have ditched all (and there were many) liquid foundations in my collection. Thank you so very much. Will be singing your praises to all my friends who like me are of a “certain age” and are all graduates of many failed attempts to hold back time!!! Not any more.


I had to send you an email to tell you how much i like your products. The mineral powder coverage is excellent and the texture is lovely – it doesn’t make the skin look to ‘ashy’. I’ve been searching for a navy mineral eyeliner for ages and this one is lovely and soft, doesn’t drag the skin. The lipstick shade is lovely – even better than i expected it would be. I look forward to ordering from you very soon and thanks for the speedy delivery.


I just had to send you an email to say I am amazed by your products. I have suffered with the eye condition Blepharitis for over a year now which has meant bright red inflamed eyes and sore itchy skin which gets much worse when I apply make up. Since changing to your make up range the condition has become manageable with no bad flare ups at all. I haven’t been able to wear make up for so long I can’t express how grateful I am to Bare Faced Beauty. I have just ordered some more products and will continue to do so.